Notable Clients

Quality Branded
Acumen Capital Partners
Dime Savings Bank
Standard Motor Products
Fresh Direct

Notable Projects

Quality Italian Restaurant
Standard Motor Product
Data Room Upgrade
Investors Bank/ Dyker Heights
S: US 463 7th Ave.
Standard Motors Building


Pfizer Buiding
Fresh Direct Brooklyn
Quality Eats Restaurant
Park Avenue Winter-Spring-
Jim Henson Company L.I.C.



 I first had the pleasure of working with Mauceri Electric Corporation when I was the one of the real estate managers for Schuman Properties back in the late eighties early nineties. I was always pleased with their work and reliability. There always was a personal touch on every project which was something I really appreciated.

I now use Mauceri Electric exclusively for all my projects with Acumen Capital Partners, our real estate development firm. They have worked on our projects at the Standard Motors building in Queens and are currently working on our projects at the Pfizer building in Brooklyn.

They have handled everything from large buildouts to service work to the smallest repair project. We feel confident knowing that Steven Mauceri is involved in all our electrical installations because to date we have never had any issues with the work his company has performed.

He is personally involved in every project, frequently visiting the site to ensure every project gets completed without a hitch. I am happy to have known and worked with Mauceri Electric for what is going on 30 years now and plan to work with them on all our future projects.


Mauceri Electric Corporation has worked with us for over thirty years now on almost all of our restaurants in NYC. They have always been reliable and attentive to all of our electrical needs. Working with my father Alan Stillman they were the electrical contractors for Smith and Wollensky, Manhattan Ocean Club, The Post House, Maloney and Porcelli, Cite, CP One, and our offices for the New York Restaurant Group.

They have most recently completed Quality Italian, Quality Eats (Greenwich Ave.), Quality Eat Uptown and Don Angies while still performing electrical maintenance at all our Quality Branded restaurant locations. They have always kept up with our hectic schedules and have been willing to work day and night to make sure our openings go as smooth as possible.

Owner Steven Mauceri is always available and involved in every project and takes a personal stake in seeing projects completed on time. I have nothing but the best to say about Steven Mauceri and Mauceri Electric and hope to continue working together well into the future.


I have known and had the pleasure of working with Steve Mauceri, owner of Mauceri Electric Corp for the past eleven years. Our professional relationship developed over the course of several projects and several years where competitive bidding consistently brought Mauceri Electric to the top of the list for each project. All of this work was performed by Mauceri Electric at the Worldwide Corporate Headquarters of Standard Motor Products, Inc. (NYSE: SMP) in Long Island City, Queens, NY. As a corporate headquarters location, our business needs for electrical contracting were often mission critical to both the location and to the enterprise. In addition to capital projects, the day-to-day electrical service maintenance and the need for rapid changes in the SMP internal electrical distribution network work are all extremely time-sensitive and most often demanding. During our entire relationship there have been zero failures and zero disappointments in the service provided and work performed by Mauceri Electric.

The scope of SMP operations and of the services rendered to SMP by Mauceri Electric included:

  1. Corporate Data Center including electric power for our servers and communications systems, and power for the 24/7 HVAC and life safety systems. Over the past five years the entire data center was completely repowered and had the HVAC system completely replaced, along with the fire suppression and alarm and lighting systems. I found it most cost effective and reassuring from the perspective of reliability and timeliness to Project-manage these projects and utilize Mauceri Electric wherever possible on the electric side.
  2. Office lighting, work station power, and air conditioning for 225 employees including Corporate Officers (CEO, CFO, COO), Division Management, Corporate Finance, Corporate Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing & Product Management, Information Technology, Demand Planning and Engineering. Among the achievements and benefits realized from our relationship with Mauceri Electric were significant cost savings through the replacement of CFL light fixtures with LED lighting; the replacement of all roof top and vertical package air conditioning units for which Mauceri handled the electrical decommissioning and re-commissioning. Due to time sensitivity and the need to not disrupt SMP business operations, much of this work had to be performed off-hours.
  3. Engineering. SMP’s lifeline is its corporate engineering and testing facility. This function required frequent, nearly continuous reconfiguration of high voltage, high amperage equipment and its related distribution requirements. I cannot adequately express the complexity and demand for precision in this critical aspect of SMP’s operations, and from Mauceri Electric who handled virtually all of this ongoing work.
  4. Regulatory: SMP being situated in New York, New York is subject to stringent code requirements and enforcement from NYC Department of Buildings and the FDNY (Fire Department). As a multistate employer and international corporation, SMP is subject to OSHA regulations and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) federal reporting requirements including Arc Flash Protection adoption and compliance for electrical distribution equipment, and for the reliable operation of the data center power backup system. These demands require an electrical contractor with the capabilities, skill set, and dedication to keep SMP functioning in compliance with numerous regulatory issues. Mauceri Electric had been an invaluable resource in this area.
  5. Day-to-day. Recent events have dictated that more and more routine electrical work be handled by a licensed electrician or electrical contractor. For SMP, this also means, above all else, an electrical contractor who is responsive, flexible, and capable across a wide spectrum of day-to-day service calls to keep SMP running safely, smoothly and in compliance at all times. Notwithstanding the need for responsiveness, SMP is also quite budget conscious. No contractor could remain a mainstay for SMP unless their pricing remained competitive. Mauceri’s pricing has regularly and successfully subjected to competitive comparison over the past decade.

    I heartily recommend Mauceri electric for your consideration for any capital project and/or for ongoing support for your mission critical and routine day-to-day electrical contracting requirements.